Father Earl La Riviere

"Always be a gentleman, a scholar and a saint!" 

He was an inspiration to Aquinas HS students from 1959 to 1969.

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Poems, Prose and Prayers


One of the highlights of Fr. La Riviere's class was to hear his forceful readings of some of the finest classic poetry, treasures of English literature. This section presents those poems and works of prose - ideal for reading to your own children! Yes, there was lots of great writing before Harry Potter!



(Updated 09/03/2018) 

We invite any student of Fr. La Riviere who was inspired by him to submit a story about their experiences. This same invite goes out to anyone who knew him at other schools, as a pastor, a mentor or just as a friend. Note: We'd love to hear your Aquinas stories even if they are not directly about Fr. Earl.

Biographies, Testimonials


Fr. La Riviere taught at Aquinas from 1959 to 1969. But his story spans many years and life experiences, before and after his time at Aquinas. For example, he once worked on a commercial fishing trawler off the Pacific Coast! And so, this section tells you 

"the rest of the story".

Memorial Fund


(Updated 01/30/2019)

Please help us to create a memorial statue and grotto honoring Fr. Earl La Riviere It will be installed in a beautiful meditation grotto at Aquinas High school. We are also raising funds for the grotto and its landscaping. View photo gallery of clay work in progress (final statue will be cast in bronze).

Scholarship Fund


 The Scholarship Fund will help deserving students cover some or all annual tuition at Aquinas. Scholarships to be awarded per financial need and an essay competition 

About the La Riviere Society


La Riviere Society was created by alumni whose time at Aquinas was enriched by knowing Fr. Earl La Riviere.

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