Stories - Classes of 1959 to 1972


Memories from the AHS student body - classes of 1959 and beyond - Fr. Earl's time at Aquinas. You are warmly invited to submit anecdotes or other memories of Fr. Earl, including underclassmen who may have graduated after 1969. Please, let us hear from you! Email your story to

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"Father La Riviere, Uncle Earl", by Mark La Riviere

"First Day of Class" by Chuck Street, 1969

"True Confessions" by John Talbot, 1965

"The House Style" by Nicholas Herlick, 1966

"Good News Surprise" by Perry Pugno, 1966

"Sit Down and Shut Up!" by David Stubben, 1969

"Fr. Earl and Country Joe", by Chuck Street, 1969

"My First Latin Class", by Michael Turelli, 1968

"Father Earl Tore His New Cassock", by James Mullaney, 1968

"Amazing Priest", by John Raczka, 1965

"The Value of Matching Shoes", by Bob Marzullo, 1968

"The Impact of Heavy Books", by Steve Szymczak, 1970

"Blessed", by Tom Slocumb, 1966

"A Canturbury Tale", by Virgil Rochester

"Memory, My Son, Memory!", by Rob Van Wagoner, 1965

"Making it Personal", by Wayne Elder, 1969

"The Briefcase", by Dave Burback, as told to Chuck Street, 1969

"The Basics", by Jim Underwood, 1968

"The Riot", by Bob Marzullo, 1968

"What an Arm!", by Mike Miller, 1966

"The Father I Never Had", by Tony Kedzior, 1967