The Value of Matching Shoes

by Bob Marzullo, 1968

My memories go back to Aquinas and Father Earl:

I took the infamous Latin class with him the last two years  (1967-68). I was also working part time to help support my family, so  mornings we're (and still ARE!) tough for me.

Well, guess who usually chose to sit in the front of the class, and found out one morning that he had walked into class wearing two different color shoes (one brown, one black)? And of course Fr. Earl noticed it! And guess who ended up in the front of the class holding his books? ME!

And guess what? A few weeks later, I saw that I had done it AGAIN!

One of my best memories of him is that he and his family are from up here in Seattle, and were members of the Dominican parish in Seattle, Blessed Sacrament. He would come up here to visit his parents, and I regularly visited them to bring the Eucharist.

Plus, when his father died during my time here, I got to be on the altar with Fr. LaRiviere as the deacon.