"True Confessions"

John Talbot


Anyone remember the soda machine that got stuck and kept spitting out bottles by the office? Over a case came out, until one of the priests came out and unplugged it, I think it was Fr Earl.

Carl Dietz and I had a plan to listen to World Series game in Fr Humphries class. I wired up extension wire with two alligator clips on one end, headphone jack on other. During break (we had Father Humphries for religion class) we clipped wires to the intercom speaker, took molding off blackboard, hid wires, put molding back on. Desk was next to blackboard and had radio there under the desk. After the class prayer we turned it on. Fr Humphries said "turn that off". He came down aisle looked at the speaker, Carl said "hey father, it's coming from intercom, guess they want us to listen to the game." Fr Humphries said "Yeah, I guess so". So he went back to his desk, and we got to listen to the game - Giants vs Yankees. Not sure who won that game. But the Yankees won the series that year. I'm sure John Loeffler helped with that project as well. On a side note - I won that radio St. Anne's for selling Christmas cards for the school! We were sales machines to raise money. Also Aquinas Sports sold lightbulbs. I walked Baseline from Del Rosa to Sierra way on Saturday morning. Sold a lot of them.

Who could ever forget the magazine sales from back in the day? Or the guy trying to sell the speed reading course and got laughed out of the gym - someone from Junior year or Senior year argued with the guy, because he took the course and it didn't help. Everyone started laughing at the guy, and it took Fr. Earl to restore order!

True Confession - If you stuck your fingers in the ice cream sandwich machine and pushed as you put coin in and selected you'd be able to get two. Eventually though, someone wouldn't get an ice cream. Nothing better than an ice cream sandwich after school on a hot day. Love to hear other stories!

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