Fr. Earl La Riviere Memorial Statue


The "Memorial Fund" is sponsoring the creation of a life-sized bronze statue of Fr. Earl La Riviere, to be installed in a new meditation grotto on the Aquinas HS campus.

The statue will catch Fr. Earl in a moment as he reaches out to the class during a poetry reading. His left arm is extended as he holds (not throws) a book in his right hand.

The target date for dedication of the statue is March 23, 2019, the same day as the annual Scholarship Dinner. About a half dozen alumni will be honored for distinguished achievements in their post-graduation lives. It's a perfect day to also honor Fr. Earl for his achievements as a teacher from 1959 to 1969. 

UPDATE (1-16-2019) - SUCCESS! 

We have met and exceeded the goal for the statue and the grotto development. We wanted to raise an additional $10,000 for the grotto's build out. As of Jan-16 2019 we have raised an additional $11,060 for the grotto. 

For those of you who have supported the Memorial Fund so far, thank you! Please scroll down to check out the donor acknowledgment lists to: (a) make sure your name is listed and (b) that it's spelled correctly. Please report any issues to

Any donations from this point forward will assure that some funds exist at AHS for grotto maintenance. The meditation grotto is going to be a fitting home for Fr. Earl's life size bronze statue. Its walls will be covered by ceramic tile, punctuated by a series of dedication and story plaques created in laser etched black granite.

Alumnus Dick Saars donated all of the beautiful ceramic tiles for the grotto walls! They will look like marble. We want to make the grotto a place where anyone would enjoy sitting, meditating, or perhaps even reading one of the poems Fr. Earl loved so much, and taught so well.

Please click here to add your tax-deductible support to this lasting memorial to Fr. Earl - the statue and grotto - by your one-time or recurring monthly gift!

There are two ways to donate: (1) Use the Aquinas HS donation form to enter your credit card information , (2) Write a check, payable to "Aquinas High School", adding "LRS Memorial Fund" to the memo line; and mail it to

Aquinas High School

2772 Sterling Ave. 

San Bernardino, CA 92404.

(Gifts to date - see below)

We're there - and with some funds for the meditation grotto!