The Fr. Earl W. La Riviere Scholars Program


The Proposal

"Aquinas fosters a flexible and interactive student-centered learning environment in order to form today's students into tomorrow's leaders”

It is the goal of The La Riviere Society to fund three or more scholarships to deserving students as they enter their senior year at Aquinas. LRS will also fund an annual Excellence in Teaching Award.

This proposal was developed by The Father La Riviere Society Steering Committee: Chuck Street, John Talbot, Nicholas Herlick, Gregg Edeson, Mark Gardner, Charlie Daschbach — May 15, 2019

LRS Scholars for 2019

We are very pleased to announce the names of the first three La Riviere Scholars: Evelyn A., Lauren L. and Malosi S. We are also pleased to announce that Patricia Schneider has won the LRS 2019 Excellence in Teaching Award. 

Congratulations to all! Please click here for more details!

About the Scholars Program


Fr. La Riviere taught at Aquinas from 1959 to 1969 serving as an inspirational catalyst, guiding students in growth and maturity. His students look back with gratitude for the ability to think critically and to express themselves with confident voices.


He was a towering presence, who brought with him a piercing gaze and hearty laughter.  His individual attention particularly became a force in students' lives with a strict disciplined approach to learning and individual student accountability. Alumni look back on Fr. Earl with gratitude, nostalgia, and warmth. 

Many alumni have remembered him throughout their lives, through his influence on their values of Integrity, Justice, and Dignity.


In 2018 former Aquinas students created “The La Riviere Society” and raised over $50,000 in funds to create a Father La Riviere Memorial Statue and Reflection Grotto at Aquinas. The Society now has two goals…honoring excellence in teaching and creating a unique student scholarship… The La Riviere Scholars Program.

In its inaugural year the La Riviere Society pledges $2,000 each in scholarships for three La Riviere Scholars. 

For more details, please click here to read our Executive Summary.

Please add your sustaining and tax-deductible support to the Fr. Earl La Riviere Scholars Fund, by clicking here 

There are two ways to donate: (1) Use the Aquinas HS donation form to enter credit card information, (2) Write a check, payable to "Aquinas High School", adding "LRS Scholarship Fund" to the memo line; and mail it to:

Aquinas High School

2772 Sterling Ave. 

San Bernardino, CA 92404.