Sit Down and Shut Up!

In a booming voice, when entering the classroom, I remember Fr. LaRiviere’s “SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!!”.  Fortunately, out of fear, I obeyed. Some did not. (Maybe Skip Barbour and Steve Neyses?) Soon afterwards, if they did not, a resounding "BAM" was heard as Fr. LaRiviere impacted a large textbook into the chest of the offender. Discipline was emphatically enforced. It was a good thing.

I was fortunate to have Fr. LaRiviere for four years of Latin. (From “Terra, terrae …” ad nauseam to the reading of the Aeneid. I still have the five textbooks – Grammer and Years One to Four.) He was certainly the most demanding of all of the teachers. Consequently, I learned the most from him. Not just academically, but also I learned discipline and character. One knew that he really cared about your learning.

The one teacher I most admired in all my 20 years of education is Fr. LaRiviere. I’ll never forget him. Magnum honorem.

David Stubben [Class of 1969]