The Father I Never Had

by Tony Kedzior, class of 1967


T.  K. checking in here. 

I was very close Fr. Earl. There's a picture of the two of  us in Summa '67, Table of Contents page. Anthony T. Kedzior pg. 102. 

"Speak slowly,loudly and distinctly" he blasted, then in unison slammed one palm to the back and the other to the chest - at the same time. Not one for the timed and and quiet - an experience for a life time! That was a  physical-Spiritual lesson in structure and discipline. 

He was the Father I never had. He thought the world of me, and saved me on my  journey several times. I wanted to go into pro sports, but God had other plans. 

My parents were hell bent on destroying me, but Fr. Earl thought I was  worth salvaging. I often think of this great Soul.

My favorite poem is "Casey at the Bat". 

Be blessed!