The Riot

by Robert Marzullo, 1968


First of all, for the statue, we have to have his books which were on his desk. Second, how could we NOT have his ceramic frog, which QUITE a few of us (myself included) petted more than once or twice!

I remember two other stories about Fr. Earl:

1. My family moved from Jersey City, New Jersey after my freshman year, to San Bernardino and Aquinas. I remember that first year finding out about the rivalry with Notre Dame. How many of you remember the riot broke out at the basketball game at Notre Dame, when John Maturo dragged out a dummy with a Notre Dame uniform on it?

A riot broke out, the stands emptied, and there was Fr. Earl playing policeman, grabbing two kids at a time in each hand, trying to break up the melee. And was he ever MAD!

2. About a year later, we had a new student in the class. No one got to know him, and in many ways we treated him like an Auggie Pullman type (the boy with facial deformities in "Wonder"). He was so hurt by the experience that his parents pulled him out of school. 

Fr. Earl berated us in class for the way that we had treated him and what we had done; it was a sobering experience for us to recognize our faults and actions, one which I still feels pangs about but have made steps to change.

Bob Marzullo, Shoreline WA

Class of 1968